Auditions: Tuesday 18th


The Grove Green Room

If you cannot make it then please let me know 0404317606 by text and indicate you willingness/ hope.

Show dates  Friday April 17, Saturday matinee and evening (2pm and 7.30 pm, Sunday 2pm)

For the One Act Play: War Stories by Si Townsend

                                                 Barmaid    45 – 55  (if you were in Port Macquarie and saw Sai’s play this part will actually have lines.

                                                 Returned Veteran Man: 65-70

                                                Granddaughter of Veteran: 16-25 (depends somewhat on the age of the grandfather veteran)

                                                3 Soldiers     15, 35, 45 (Approx. looks as such)

Further Cast

I am aware that many may have commitments which don’t allow for too many rehearsals but would like to be in this, the opening show of the new theatre. Please let me know if you can only be in a small piece. During April when we run the whole show we will all need to be there. (except Pam who has a relevant excuse).

Ensemble  6 – 20 ladies and gentlemen (Anyone who wishes to be in it will be! Not necessarily a featured spot but even as part of an ensemble for crowd scenes etc.)

There are several solo songs . If you wish to sing please audition with any ballad type song with which you are familiar.

There are also small parts available in sketches. These will be cast from the ensemble unless you let me know you have a specific interest in this and cannot be there for all rehearsals called. Preference will be given for those who are committed to the rehearsal process.

Rehearsals will be Mondays (ensemble and second half of programme)

and Tuesdays  (One Act Play).