A play by Andy Kabanoff

Directed by Andy Kabanoff and Gabrielle Brooks

Performed at The Grove, Wyong between May 25th and June 2nd, 2018.

Rehearsals Mondays and Wednesdays from 7pm in the Grove Theatre, commencing Tuesday March 13th.



Monday 12th, Wednesday 14th & Wednesday 21st February from 7pm (and other times by arrangement)

Wyong Grove Theatre, 1 North Rd, Wyong

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1890 Born in Warsaw, Poland.

1910 Married to a mining engineer in the Ural Mountains, Russia.

1918 Escaping with her family from the Russian Revolution.

1925 Living as a wealthy refugee in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

1942 Living under the German Occupation.

1951 Emigrating to Australia.

1960 Working as a cleaner in a hospital.

1990 In a hospice, waiting to die.


'End of the Line' is a prequel to 'Sepia Secrets which was performed at The Grove in 2016. It is largely fictional but is based around the events in the life of my grandmother, Sedalia. There were so many gaps in her story that I had to fill them in – hence the fiction.


The play centres on the tumultuous times of the Russian Revolution. It moves from revolutionary street scenes to intimate family moments. It has dozens of characters. Some actors will play one character; most will play several, so I'm looking for actors who can transform themselves through voice and posture and movement.




Old Elizabieta 60+ : 100 years old, in the now of 1990, but often straying back into the past

Young Elizabieta 25-40 : her younger self, from 16 to her 70s

Andre 40-60 : Elizabieta's husband

Natalia - her daughter, from age 10 to 25, probably played by two actors

Seraphima 25-50 : Natalia's governess and tutor who is more than she seems to be

Ivan 25-40 : Andre's foreman at the mine who is greatly affected by the revolution

Tash 18-25 : Elizabieta's great granddaughter, a uni student in the 1990s

Alex 18-25 : Tash's fellow student who'd like to be more than a friend

Michael 50+ : Elizabieta's Polish father, exiled to Siberia

Tsar Nicholas II 45-65 : no need for a revolution without him

Railway foreman 40+ : mainly a comic character who appears from 1918 to 1990*

Engine fitter 30+ : his comic sidekick – Russian history is all about railways *

Woman with newspaper 30+ : a commentator on events from 1918 to 1990*

Poor woman 40+ : a victim of both the Tsarist regime and the Revolution

Peasant girl 8-15 with classical ballet skills - her young daughter who aspires to be a ballerina

Factory worker 30+ : a firebrand revolutionary

Minister - 40+ male or female: revolutionary politician / agitator  


plus nurses, secretaries, officials, miners, theatre goers, uni students, assassins


* These 3 characters remain the same – they are 'types' who always exist, they don't age over a period of 72 years.