Date Show Author Director Program
Nov-69 Post Horn Gallop Bonnie Bryant  
Aug-69 I Remember Mama Rene Levenspiel  
Apr-69 Central 2000 (a revue) Barry Payne  
Dec-68 The Glass Menagerie John Werleman  
Aug-68 Night Must Fall Bonnie Bryant  
Apr-68 Deserted Night Gwen Clarke  
Nov-67 Sailor Beware Rene Levenspiel  
Aug-67 Arms And The Man Frank McKone  
Apr-67 Love’s A Luxury Bonnie Bryant  
Dec-66 Rookery Nook Aub Brown  
Sep-66 The Aspern Papers Phyl Bennett  
Jun-66 An Italian Straw Hat Phyl Bennett  
Dec-65 The Reluctant Debutante Aub Brown  
Jul-65 Murder Mistaken Gwen Clarke  
Apr-65 Bed Of Roses Arthur Gleed  
Oct-64 As Long As They’re Happy Rene Levenspiel  
Apr-64 The Touch Of Silk June Colquhoun  
Dec-63 Doctor In The House Aub Brown  
Jun-63 See How They Run John Worgan  
Apr-63 Lovers Leap June Colquhoun  
Dec-62 Crystal Clear Aub Brown  
Aug-62 The Old Ladies Rene Levenspiel  
Jun-62 Small Hotel Rene Levenspiel  
Feb-62 Merry Moments (a revue) Rene Levenspiel