Date Show  Author  Director  Program
Nov-89 Brush With A Body Julie Bailey & Howard Oxley  
Apr-89 Kid Stakes Peter Deane  
Nov-88 Boeing Boeing Ray Noonan  
Oct-88 Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? Clive Gibson  
Apr-88 The Happy Apple Pollyanna Murphy  
Dec-87 Cinderella (WDG Juniors) Maxine Morris, Ian Wagstaff & Linda Fletcher  
Nov-87 Death Trap Clive Gibson  
Aug-87 This Fractured Century Pollyanna Murphy, Julie Bailey & Linda Fletcher  
Apr-87 Love’s A Luxury Maxine Morris  
Aug-86 Music Hall and Melodrama Bonnie Bryant & Lorraine Williams-Jex  
Apr-86 The Plot Sickens Alan Sutton (Fun, Fun, Fun)  
Apr-86 The Wedding Maxine Morrie (Fun, Fun, Fun)  
Apr-86 Countdown Gwen Clarke (Fun, Fun, Fun)  
Nov-85 Shut Your Eyes And Think Of England Clive Gibson  
Aug-85 Musical Hall Memories Pollyanna Murphy & Gwen Clarke  
Apr-85 Move Over Mrs Markham Bonnie Bryant  
Dec-84 The Business Of Good Government Gwen Clarke  
Oct-84 Last Of The Red Hot Lovers Pollyanna Murphy  
May-84 The Saint Maxine Morris  
Apr-84 Fawlty Towers Steve McNeil  
Apr-83 Home Fires Burning Bonnie Bryant  
Apr-83 The Private Ear Yvonne Berry-Porter  
Aug-82 Fawlty Towers Bob McKettrick  
Aug-82 The Play Reading Clive Gibson  
Apr-82 Confusions Margaret McGowan  
Dec-81 The Walking Stick of the Desert Beth Gingell  
Dec-81 From Five to Five Thirty Bonnie Bryant  
Oct-81 Chase Me Comrade Barry Horey  
May-81 The Card Players Bonnie Bryant  
May-81 Who Do You Think You Are? Bonnie Bryant  
Nov-80 Top Gear Bonnie Bryant  
Aug-80 Bang Bang Beirut Gwen Clarke  
May-80 Caught In The Villain’s Web Pollyanna Murphy