Date Show Author Director  Program
Nov-99 Love’s A Luxury   Bonnie Bryant & Howard Oxley  
Apr-99 Hot Taps   Peter Deane  
Nov-98 Noises Off Michael Fryan Fay Carter Program
Apr-98 Don’t Dress For Dinner   Bonnie Bryant  
Nov-97 Stepping Out   Clive Gibson  
Aug-97 See How They Run   Fay Carter  
May-97 Hotel Sorrento   Gwen Clarke  
Feb-97 Love Letters   Ron Baker  
Nov-96 It Runs In The Family   Bonnie Bryant  
Apr-96 Other Times   Peter Deane  
Nov-95 There Goes The Bride   Howard Oxley  
Aug-95 The Odd Couple (Female Version)   David Hobbs  
Mar-95 House Guest   Bonnie Bryant  
Nov-94 Daylight Saving   David Hobbs  
Aug-94 Macbeth   Adrian Adam  
Apr-94 Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something   Bonnie Bryant  
Nov-93 Christmas Day   Gwen Clarke  
Aug-93 Accommodations   David Hobbs  
Apr-93 Trivial Pursuits   Margaret McGowan  
Jan-93 Bloody Poetry   Adrian Adam  
Jan-93 Peter Pan   Peter Kocan and Val Stanton  
Nov-92 Wait Until Dark   Ray Noonan  
Sep-92 Move Over Mrs Markham   Bonnie Bryant  
Jul-92 See If I Care   Bonnie Bryant  
Jul-92 A Place In The Present   Ray Noonan  
Apr-92 Busy Bodies   Ray Noonan  
Apr-92 Rinse The Blood Off My Toga   Peter Kocan  
Apr-92 Pyramus And Thisbe   Gwen Clarke  
Apr-92 The Great Dark   Nigel Eynon  
Jan-92 Cinderella   Val Stanton  
Oct-91 Not Now Darling   Clive Gibson  
Aug-91 Night Must Fall   Bonnie Bryant  
Apr-91 No Sex Please, We’re British   Maxine Morris  
Nov-90 Pajama Tops   Ray Noonan  
Apr-90 The One Day Of The Year   Peter Deane