Wyong Drama Group will proudly present one of Shakespeare's greatest plays, 

The Tempest

at Wyong Grove Theatre between 
Friday May 3 and Saturday May 11, 2019. 

Andy Kabanoff and Alexandra Mitchell

Smashed by a storm at sea, washed up onto a strange island peopled by 
spirits and a long-deposed King, a group of people are put through tests to gauge their worth and determine whether 
they deserve condemnation or forgiveness. 

Shakespeare's final play is a masterpiece of the spirit. 

Survivor – The Tempest.

Play Reading

28th November
Wyong Grove Green Room

Audition Material - Click Here

Andy has sent a script for those interested in coming along to the reading of the Tempest as Shakespeare is not easy to read cold 

…..so obey and be attentive and come hither if thou hast heart to perform - dost thou hear?  


MONDAY DECEMBER 3 - 7.30pm Grove Theatre or Green Room
and possibly spilling over to
MONDAY DECEMBER 10 - 7.30pm Grove Theatre or Green Room


PROSPERO the rightful Duke of Milan who has been marooned on an island for many years M 50+
ARIEL an airy spirit of the island F
CALIBAN a savage and deformed creature of the island M
ALONSO King of Naples M 50+
GONZALO an honest councillor M 65+
MIRANDA Prospero's daughter who has lived her life on the island, and knows nothing else F 18+
FERDINAND Alonso's son M 18+
STEPHANO a drunken butler M or F
TRINCULO a jester M or F
SEBASTIAN Alonso's brother M 40+
ANTONIO Prospero's usurping brother M 40+
BOATSWAIN In charge of the ship M
IRIS In Greek mythology the personification of the rainbow F
CERES In Greek mythology goddess of the harvest and fertility F
JUNO In Roman mythology queen of the gods; goddess of marriage and childbirth F

Notes: Some male roles may be given to female actors. Ariel is traditionally male but we will go
with a female Ariel. Stephano and Trinculo may also be female; so might Gonzalo . . .

The Boatswain will probably be played by Caliban.

Iris, Ceres, Juno and the musician will also be spirits of the island and will appear often, at the
times they are described in the script and at other times. Our production will play up the mystical elements
of the play and will use creative movement / dance and music played live on drums and on the sound board
of a piano which will be stripped of its shell.

The role of Adrian, if we keep it, will probably be played by the musician. The role of Francisco
will be cut.

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Audition Material - Click Here

Good Luck to on and all!