2010 - 2019

The terrific 'teens' is the seventh decade of productions for the Wyong Drama group. The list below contains all of the Group's productions from 2010 - 2019.

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By  Arthur Miller

Directed by Pam Campbell

Performed April 2014


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The Action of All My Sons

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The Action of All My Sons - 1
The Action of All My Sons - 1

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The Action of All My Sons - 2
The Action of All My Sons - 2

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The Cast at The Curtain Call
The Cast at The Curtain Call

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The Action of All My Sons - 1
The Action of All My Sons - 1

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The Action of All My Sons. Use the arrows to browse through the photos . Click the images to view them full-size.


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All My Sons is a powerful drama written by Arthur Miller, who wrote The Crucible and Death of a Salesman. Set in the second half of the 1940s, just after World War II in America, it is the story of Joe and Kate Keller, who are reeling from the fact that their son has not returned from the war and is feared to be dead. Their other son Chris has dealt with the loss of his brother by moving on with his life, but he is limited by his mother’s obsession that her son is still alive. Joe is a successful businessman in the town, but, as the play progresses, we soon realise that this is a family in crisis.


Pam Campbell


KATE KELLER - Ruth Crawley 
JOE KELLER - Laci Weidlich
ANN DEEVER - Madeline Parker
GEORGE DEEVER - Duncan Mitchell
SUE BAYLISS - Sally Bartley
FRANK LUBEY - Rohan Smith
LYDIA LUBEY - Tiffany Duncan
BERT - Callum Skeem
& Zach Weeks



By Debra Oswald

Directed by Joshua Maxwell

Performed November 2014

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The Group's November 2014 production was Debra Oswald's Sweet Road, directed by Joshua Maxwell. The score for the show was written by Joshua with some talented cast members. Joshua also had a road tip to outback NSW (Bourke) to capture photography that would be used in the backdrops for the show.

The author, Debra Oswald, is the writer of the hit TV series 'Offspring' and 'The Secret Life of Us’, along with hit plays including 'Dags' and 'Mr Bailey’s Minder’. Sweet Road is the moving story of 6 Australians travelling on the outback roads of Australia, each yearning for something - hope, freedom, revenge, adventure and escape. 

The cast, crew, rehearsals, performances, and some miscellaneous photos from Caught In The Net. Use the arrows to browse through the photos . Click the images to view them full-size.


Article from the Central Coast Express Advocate, Wednesday 12 November 2014.

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Joshua Maxwell


JO - Danielle Brame Whiting
CARLA - Jessica Pascuzzo
ANDY - Scott Russell
MICHAEL - Scott Osborne
FRANK - Marc Calwell
YASMIN - Kalani Hirst
CURTIS - Kyle Carlson
POLICEWOMAN - Cassie Roome



By Ivan Menchell

Directed by Ron Baker

Performed April 2015

Three Jewish ladies, friends for a long time, have something in common, they are widows and their husbands are all buried in the same cemetery. Once a month they meet for tea before going to visit their husbands' graves. All appears normal until someone new enters their lives.