An Adaptation from the Poem by C. J. DENNIS

Composed by George Dreyfus

Adapted by Ron Baker and directed by Ron Baker and Julie Bailey

THE SENTIMENTAL BLOKE is a theatrical adaptation of a timeless Australian literary classic poem. Written in 1915, it was regarded for half a century as Australia's best-loved book. This Aussie everyman tale follows the fortunes of Bill, the bloke in the backstreet gangs of Melbourne's Little Lonsdale Street, swigging beer, playing two-up, and stoushing John's (police).


Life changes when he meets his little peach, Doreen, but faces competition from a more sophisticated rival in the straw 'at coot. Along the way, we are introduced to some unforgettable characters; his mate Ginger Mick, the Local Priest, Uncle Jim the farmer, and of course the copiously weeping Mother-in-Law. This play is sometimes hilarious and sometimes moving. 



  • 7 - 10 roles available.

  • Doreen (soprano; 25-40 years)

  • Rose (any voice type; 20-40 years)

  • Ma / Nurse (any voice type; mature age)

  • Ensemble wimmin (any voice type)


  • 7 - 10 roles available.

  • Bill (tenor; 20-40 years)

  • Ginger Mick (any voice type; 20-40 years)

  • The Pilot Cove / Uncle Jim (any voice type; mature age)

  • Ensemble blokes (any voice type; 20-40 years)

Two nights per week plus some Saturdays or Sundays to allow for learning of music
    Non-negotiable dates: October 30 - November 12

 This is not a musical, but rather a play with music spoken and sung in verse.

INFORMATION DAY Sunday AUGUST 7th 2pm at the Red Tree Theatre. 
AUDITIONING Monday and Tuesday AUGUST 29 & 30 at the Red Tree Theatre. 

Directors: Ron Baker & Julie Bailey


5th September 2022 - 12th November 2022


29 - 30 October, 1 -2 November, 2022


4th November - 12th November