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Appointment with Death
by Agatha Christie
Directed by Andy Kabanoff

An assorted group of travellers find themselves thrown together on an expedition to the rose-red city of Petra. At the centre of the group are Mrs Boynton and her three step-children who never leave her side. This apparent devotion however is actually a facade for something far more sinister. Sarah King, a young English doctor, and her colleague, the eminent psychologist, Dr Theodore Gerard, find themselves embroiled in a battle to free the children from the sadistic grasp of a tyrannical woman. This chilling play offers a unique take on the classic murder mystery, where Christie explores the realms of the sadistic mind and the devastating effects of long-term psychological abuse.


Two evenings a week to be arranged with cast - most likely Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Thursday. Not all actors will be required at each rehearsal until we start fitting the scenes together.

An occasional Saturday or Sunday afternoon may be needed.


Friday August 23                7.30pm

Saturday August 24           2pm;  7.30pm

Sunday August 25             2pm

Wednesday August 28     2pm

Friday August 30               7.30pm

Saturday August 31         2pm; 7.30pm




Wednesday 13th March 2024 - 6.30 pm - 7.45 pm in the Red Tree Theatre


By appointment - Tuesday 19th March, Wednesday 20th March, Tuesday 26th March

in Red Tree conference room from 6pm. 30 minute individual auditions.

To access a script - email Andy Kabanoff at

To book an audition time - email as above. Please specify the roles you're interested in.

I'll let you know what audition times are available. You can then select your time slot.

Auditioning (for each role you're trying for) will involve a short monologue (see the note below), some scene work with another character, and perhaps some improvisation.


Begin May 28 or 30 - rehearsal times to be arranged





Age 19 GINEVRA BOYNTON Smallish role but arguably the best role in the play - a highly disturbed young woman bullied by her step-mother into inhabiting a fantasy world. American

Age 23 SARAH KING Major role – an English doctor / budding psychologist who falls for the younger Boynton boy, Raymond, and who attempts to break Mrs Boynton's hold over him. Also includes a cameo as a glamorous Italian girl

Age 28 NADINE BOYNTON The wife of Lennox Boynton. She trained as a nurse and now largely looks after Mrs Boynton while struggling to have a real marriage to a man who is emotionally crippled and while being sought after by Jefferson Cope. American

Age 50+ LADY WESTHOLME Very British ex-Conservative member of parliament who has a huge sense of entitlement and superiority. Largely a comic caricature but with some parallels to Mrs Boynton

Age 62 MRS BOYNTON The tyrannical, sadistic step-mother of Ginevra, Raymond and Lennox – the major antagonist in the play and one of Christie's best villains. American

Age 60+ MISS PRYCE English spinster – self-effacing antithesis to Lady Westholme. In personality very much like Miss Marple as played by Joan Hickson. Not a large role, but an important and challenging one.




Age 15-30 ARAB BOY Does a lot but says little. At first he is a hotel porter cum waiter; then the tour odd-job man at the desert camp. He is often called 'boy' but that could reflect status rather than age

Age 24 RAYMOND BOYNTON Younger son of the tyrannical Mrs Boynton; in love with Sarah but unable to break free of his mother's control. Complex psychological role. American

Age 30 LENNOX BOYNTON Elder son of Mrs Boynton and husband to Nadine. His marriage is empty as his mother totally controls him. Complex psychological role. American

Age 45 JEFFERSON COPE Friend of the Boynton family who has long been in love with Nadine and wants her to leave a loveless marriage and take up with him. American

Age 30+ DRAGOMAN Arabic guide – a largely comic character in the style of I S Johar in 'Northwest Frontier' or 'Death on the Nile'. He is Christian and hates being called Mohammed by Lady Westholme. Show-stealer

Age 40+ CLERK Hotel clerk / receptionist in Jerusalem - not a lot of dialogue but often quite busy. May have some extra duties added on


Age 40+ CARBERY Head of Transjordanian police in Act 3. English. Described as the hunting / shooting / fishing type but with surprising shrewdness

Age 50+ HIGGS Lancashire alderman – working class man who battles the very superior Lady Westholme. Largely a comic caricature and requires the right accent for his dialogue

Age 50+ DR GERARD French psychiatrist who takes interest in the Boynton family's psychopathology and is determined to save Ginevra from being totally destroyed


Andy is a retired English / Drama teacher and an experienced actor, director and playwright. Most of his theatrical work has been in the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney. He has been on the Coast since 2011.

Since then he has appeared in many plays for Wyong Drama Group (including Prospero in 'The Tempest', Colonel Mustard in 'Clue', and Judge Taylor in 'To Kill a Mockingbird') and for Woy Woy Little Theatre (including Humphrey Mountcliff, the prosecuting barrister in 'The Perfect Murder', Dad in 'When Dad Married Fury' and Doctor Mead in 'Ladies in Lavender').

For Wyong Drama Group he has directed 'Sepia Secrets' and 'End of the Line' (his own plays), Lillian Hellman's 'The Children's Hour' and Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'.


These monologues are not taken from the text of the play. They are pieces I've created that might give me a sense of how you're interpreting / connecting with the character. They are not to be learnt - but it will be helpful if you attempt an accent that might be appropriate.

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