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Past Productions


As Wyong Drama Group celebrates its 70th year of operation in 2022, we reflect on all our productions over the years.

Our first show was Charity Begins, directed by Geoff Cox in 1952.

Below you find links to all shows produced by Wyong Drama Group for each decade of our history.


On the page for each decade, you will find a table with links to all the plays for that period. You can also scroll down pages to view all productions in chronological order.

More Info

Information Available

All plays produced under the Wyong Drama Group (WDG) banner have been included. This includes one-act plays and plays entered into competitions. Where information was available, WDG's TheatreFests and other drama festivals are also listed, including awards received.

Please note that information and photos from special events, such as WDG birthday celebrations, trivia nights and dinners have not been included, as they don't constitute a production. However, this information is available in our archives and you can contact us to obtain a copy.


For each show, the name of the production, the author, the WDG director (or producer), some photos and the cast list have been included (at a minimum). If any of these items are not included for a particular play (or if there a note stating there is 'missing material') it means they are not in our archives. If you have material that you would like to contribute, we would be very appreciative if you could contact us using any of the 'Contact Us' buttons.

For many productions, there is extra material available that might aid historians, genealogists or future directors. If this is the case, it is generally noted on the listing of a production. In any case, you can confirm if there is more material available for a production by also contacting us.

There are a small number of shows that have no archival material, since it has been unfortunately lost, both physically and digitally. We will gratefully accept donations of material to this archive.

Credits & Thanks

Credits & Thanks

This collation of 70 years of history (and near 300 plays) was only possible with hundreds of hours of volunteer work.


This page, and the history sections from1952 - 1959, 1960 - 1969, 1970 - 1979, 1980 - 1989, 2000 - 2009, 2010 - 2019 & 2020 - Present history sections were designed, formatted and edited by Patrick Wells (Power Digital Web Design).

The WDG's history from 1952 to 2012 was collated and written by Peter DeaneThe history from 2012 - Present, was collated and written by Patrick Wells, Joshua Maxwell, John Pastor and various editors of our Facebook Page. Ros Ellis sponsored the history from 2000 - 2022. Cathy De Vries & Ron Baker provided valuable assistance.


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