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"The Doll" Play Trilogy Trivia


1) Wyong Drama Group had never performed "The Doll" before.  True

2) Who is the man who fancies Nancy in "Other Times"?   Josef Hulz

3) What is the name of the man who marries Nancy?   Harry Alloway

4) What is Bubba Ryan’s real name?   Kathy

5) Other than Roo, who is a suitor for Olive in "Kid Stakes"?   Dickie Pouncett

6) What happens to Dickie Pouncett after "Kid Stakes"?   He is killed in the war.

7) What are Barney’s sons’ names?   Lennie & Arthur

8) Where did Barney live at age eighteen?   Makarandi

9) In which Melbourne suburb is the play set?   Carlton

10) What items of set have been used on all three WDG productions, Kid Stakes, Other Times and now The Doll?
The What-not, The Table,  The "My First Cam" statuette,  The “My Brother Soldier” painting, The Piano


How did you go?

Score      Meaning

1-4         You probably need to re-read the Trilogy.

5-7         Well done, Ray Lawler would be proud of you.

8-10        You are a freak from Makarandi!

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