There was a time in the 60s when funds were so low you could buy Life Membership for $50 (general membership was $2 pa.). Now life membership is conferred if you have had 15 consecutive years of contributory involvement or are unanimously voted by the sitting committee to be awarded life membership.

 Member Name
 Member Name
 Ron Baker
 Julie Bailey
 Pam Campbell
 Delycia Casson
 Gwen Clarke
 John Czernecki
 Peter Deane
 Pollyanna Forshaw
 Ruth Jordon
 Mary Kelly
 Peter Kocan
 Jennifer Newman
 Howard Oxley
 Barry Sampson
 Mildred Sampson
 Helen Schumann
 Lazlo Weidlich
 Robyn Weidlich
 Marc Calwell
 Paul Ractliffe
 Ros Ellis  Wendy Potter