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                     TWO WEEKS WITH THE QUEEN

                                                  AUGUST 2023

                                     by Mary Morris, adapted from the novel by Morris Gleitzman.


                               Directed by Joshua Maxwell this was a Wyong Drama Group production

                                                        in association with Red Tree Theatre.


            Colin has a mission. He wants to speak to the Queen about his brother, Luke, who has cancer.

                                  Cousin Alistair would like to help, but stress brings on his dandruff.

                                An adaptation of Morris Gleitzman’s hilarious yet poignant novel.

When his brother is suddenly taken seriously ill, Colin is sent from his home in Australia to stay with his Aunty Iris in England. At first, Colin is devastated, but then he hits on a plan: who better to help him find a doctor able to make his brother better ......... than the Queen?


  Colin - Scott Russell

  Luke - Matilda Delaware/Lily Mae

  Alistair - Gabrielle Brooks/Rose Noble

  Mum - Donna Cromer

  Dad/Bob - Stephen McLaren

  Aunty Iris - Ruth Jordon

  Ted - TBC

  Griff - Reuben Harris

  Queen Elizabeth II - Vicki Southgate

  COMPANY - Christine Wann, Riley Fenton, Cameron Oxley, Zara Taylor, Aaliyah Twynham. 


  1. Friday 18th 7:30pm

  2. Saturday 19th 12pm

  3. Saturday 19th 7:30pm

  4. Sunday 20th 2pm

  5. Wednesday 23rd 12pm

  6. Friday 25th 7:30pm

  7. Saturday 26th 2pm

  8. Saturday 26th 7:30pm




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