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By Mary Kelly and Pollyanna Forshaw


WDG will present the Pantomime Sleeping Beauty at several venues around the Central Coast. Yes, a travelling show! We are excited!


When: January 14-21, 2024 (10 performances).

For more info ring Pollyanna 0404 317 606.



We are so happy to be announcing the incredible cast of Sleeping Beauty (a Pantomime)!

Thank you to all below for wanting to be a part of this travelling bundle of fun… Such a wonderful pool of talent, new and used and yet to be found! EXCITED!!!

As they say in every Reality Show...IN NOOOOO PARTICULAR ORDER...

Squeaky Rat - Jacinta-Rose Burley

Stumpy Rat - Jessica Morrison (also our costumiere)

Princess Rose - Sleeping Beauty - Amelia Greeff

Prince DazzlingTraditional - Jacinta-Rose Burley

Muddles - Court Jester - John Czerniecki

Fairy Goody-too-Good - The Godmother - Sara Brown

Lord Chamberlain Hoity Toity - Andy Kabanoff

King Fuddy Duddy - James Chambers

Queen Goldenia - Marc Calwell

Grizzlyelda - Wicked Fairy - Jane Sackman

Other Fairies -

Forget-Me-Not - Mikaela Izzard

Poppy - Annabelle McDonald

Violet - Aryanna McDonald

Court Minstrel - Kallan Burley

Prince Bumpkin, Prince Dough Dough, Prince Ace - Jessica Morrison

Courtier - Indie Mortimer

Ladies -in-Waiting and General Rabble-Rousers - Cath Izzard, Lynn McMullen, Helen Schumann


Jan 14th - Wyee Community Hall - 2 shows

Jan 16th - Dora Creek Community Hall - 2 shows

Jan 18th - Wyong Leagues Club - 2 shows

Jan 20th - Tuggerah Community Hall - 2 shows

Jan 21st - Long Jetty Over 50s Club - 2 shows

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